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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"Expecting Twins"

Bronze with Hardwood
Bookends (Book not included)
Edition of 18
12" h x 27" w x 7" d

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[motherhood pregnancy Bronze Bookends sculpture]

(More photos below)

Expecting Twins

[Bronze Bookends expecting twins sculpture]

Expecting Twins started out as a non-functional sculpture, but in 2007, I decided to change the piece a bit just for fun. She then became a functional art work - as bookends. The idea is basically the same, but I replaced the heavy limestone base with two hand-finished pieces of Texas mesquite (a hardwood). Since the mother's back was already straight and made of bronze, I felt no aesthetic or functional reason to add a backboard to hold up books. I hope that you enjoy the new look. The images below give you more angles of the sculpture so that you know what you are adding to your art collection.
Thanks again for your interest.
Kelly Borsheim

Expecting Twins -- Original Art

Expecting Twins is a different kind of bronze sculpture from the work previously created. When I heard that one of the models in Austin, Texas, was pregnant and interested in posing for sculpture, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. After the first session with the young mother, I thought about changes I could make to the composition that would play with shapes a bit more than simply "reproducing" a pose. My adored triangles helped me out again, asking to take a more obvious role than before.

Although the model was propped up on pillows, I decided to cast the rounded figure twice and let each one rest against the back of the other. This left a small triangle of air nestled inside of the larger triangle of the seated maternal figures. The left hand and right foot of each figure extend beyond the limestone base. The triangular composition for the maternity theme seemed a nice contrast to the roundness of her belly and the title Expecting Twins is intended as a pun.

While considering the expression on the new mother's face, I decided to close the eyes and create a very slight smile to convey contentment and even the idea of the pregnant woman having a secret of sorts. The young mother who modeled for this sculpture is having her second child and posed for this sculpture during her seventh month of pregnancy.

[motherhood pregnancy]

[maternity sculpture] [pregnant twins sculpture]

[mother and child sculpture]

[motherhood pregnancy]

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