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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim


(from Canada)
One of a Kind
18" h x 8" x 6"

Private Collection
North Carolina

[stone carving fine art]

(More photos below)

"This stone carving started out as a quick gesture sketch done earlier this year (13 January 2003). I really enjoyed the shapes and wanted to see if I could create a form in 3-D based on this idea. The stone chosen is a Canadian marble the quarry called Storm Cloud Marble. It is a beautiful gray-colored stone with black streaks and swirls creating luscious patterns in the marble.

This stone carving started out as a voluptuous figure, much rounder than the original sketch. And I was enjoying this curvaceous-ness. On the evening after I cut the basic planes of the skull, something wonderful happened. The stone started its part in the collaboration. When I approached my carving stand the next morning, I saw the second face, looking down and to the right. And I thought, "Wow, I wonder if I can do as I am told?" There is a freedom in letting go of one idea to move into the next. I hope you can see the joy and wonder as well.

After completing this sculpture, I wanted to explore the idea some more. Plus, I was anxious to try sculpting a larger work for display in a garden. So I sculpted Gemini, the bronze version.

This one-of-a-kind stone artwork weighs about 33 pounds and may be displayed indoors or out.
Thank you for your interest,
Kelly Borsheim"

Scroll down a little to see images of the stone prior to carving.

[original art gesture sketch]
Above: Original Gesture Sketch
for marble carving "Gemini"

More Views of the Stone Carving "Gemini":

[figurative art marble stone] [fine art nudes marble stone] [figurative art marble stone]

[figurative art marble stone] [fine art nudes marble stone]

The Marble Stone Prior to Carving:

[Canadian marble] [Canadian marble] [Canadian marble]

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