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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"Green Venus"

Utah Alabaster
on Texas Limestone
One of a Kind
15.5" h x 10" w x 5.5" d
© 2003
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection

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(More photos below)

Green Venus

This stone carving of Venus, goddess of love (or the Greek Aphrodite), was sculpted out of the same green alabaster stone from Utah from which the carving Brian originated. Although I am not entirely sure of where the idea for this artwork came from, I suspect I may credit the program "Classical Stretch" hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White on public television. In her exercise program we do lots of side stretches and waist rotations. Besides being healthy, it just FEELS good to do and Venus cannot help herself!

I really loved this stone and as I often do, I left some of the edges with their natural textured finish. These stoney forms can be seen on the top and bottom edges and on the back of the female figure, both around the lower rib cage area as well as the bum and left thigh. The alabaster is signed on the back of the inner right thigh (see detailed images below). The Green Venus torso is mounted onto a cream-coloured triangularly shaped piece of Texas limestone that I had in my rock collection. This one-of-a-kind combined stone sculpture work weighs just over 11 pounds and should be displayed indoors. The alabaster is mounted on a metal pin that is secured to the limestone and will be shipped (if necessary) wrapped separately from the other stone piece.

More Views of the Nude Stone Carving "Green Venus":

[nude art alabaster stone] [nude art stone torso] [woman sculpture alabaster stone] [nude sculpture stone]

[nude art alabaster stone] [nude art feminine stone] [woman sculpture carving]

Detail Views of "Green Venus", A Female Nude Sculpture:

[nude woman stone sculpture] [Venus Aphrodite sculpture] [Venus Aphrodite sculpture]

[Venus Aphrodite sculpture] [nude sculpture carving]

[Venus alabaster stone]
Green Venus on March 30th during Kelly's first art collector's private showing. 2003

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