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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim


Bas-relief (wall hung art)
Edition of 45
12" h x 8.5" w

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[nude bas-relief sculpture]

Rehearsal is a wonderfully different wall-hanging artwork. The bronze bas relief has a colorful patina. The patina (finish) is created by applying various chemicals to the metal with the aid of a torch. The colors on this piece work very well together and are more subtle than what your contrasty screen might depict. The background is darker than the figure. The fabric being pulled across the sky is a rose color, while the floor she stands on is a lovely lavender.

"I think of friendship when I think of this bas relief bronze sculpture. John and I were on our way from Florida back to Texas when our car lost its engine about 1 hour east of Houston. We were fortunate enough to be picked up by a kind couple in a van and given a lift to Houston, where we rented a U-Haul truck and trailer. It was the middle of Memorial Day weekend and the idea of being stuck away from home and waiting for a mechanic to return from holiday was not a pleasant thought. So we towed our vehicle home and returned the rented wheels after the holiday.

Determining the problem and fixing the car took time. When my sculptor friends in Austin mentioned in Open Studio that I was "trapped" at my home studio, the model Phyll called me that evening and offered to take me into town for a sculpting session.

This bas-relief was the result of 2 trips into town to hang out with my friends.

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