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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"Ten" (large)

Wall-mounted Bronze
(Indoor or Outdoor)
Edition of 12
45" h x 19" w x 2.25" d

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See the
Original (small)
sculpture in bronze

[bronze nude woman bas relief sculpture]

(Photo above by Michael Graziano. More images below)

[booth setup to show bronze size]
booth 11-1-03: the large "Ten" is displayed on the right. I included this image to show you the relative size of the piece. The bronze sculpture "Ten" is displayed here on a 7-foot tall panel.

[bronze detail]
"Ten" (fingers detail in bronze)

[bronze detail]
"Ten" (detail in bronze); shows the surface texture and patina

"Ten" (detail in clay)

Garden Art Sized Bronze Ten

This bas-relief sculpture is an enlargement of the original small work, also titled "Ten". The large work will not be mounted to a stone base. Instead, the bronze sculpture will hang directly on the wall. It will consist of the "floating" image of just the figure, with air spaces between the arms and fingers. Being bronze, the artwork may be hung on a wall inside or outside (and would look especially wonderful in your garden). It would be preferable to display the bronze sculpture against a simple backdrop so that the piece really stands out and will be an attractive focal point in your space.

The dimensions are 45" h x 19" w x 2.25" d, with the thickest part being at the bum. The outermost edges of the fingers are 2 inches (out) from the baseboard. The bronze weighs 32 pounds.

The art piece has a texture similar to that rough stucco type finish you see on walls a lot these days. You may have noticed that the small tattoo on the figure's lower leg is artist's logo. The large work is signed on the top side of the right forearm.

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[bronze nude bas relief sculpture]

Mounting the Bronze

"Ten" (large) has a stainless steel bar welded onto the back of the bronze sculpture, with a place to attach a 5/16" bolt head (or a big nail) to hook the piece. There are also 3 nuts welded into the metal -- two at the shoulders and one near the bottom of the legs in case you need extra security while this bronze is on display. See images below of the BACK side of the bronze sculpture. The sculpture weighs approximately 32 pounds.

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