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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim


bronze sculpture

ed. 54
30" h x 22" w x 6" d
© 2004
Kelly Borsheim

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[garden art shield bronze sculpture]

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[male nude chest wall sculpture]

(Above: shown in clay with the artist)

Shield -- bronze

Pictured above is the final bronze Shield, mounted on a slab of granite to display on an easel during the Sculptors' Dominion Invitational in San Antonio, Texas. (Granite sold separately.) This sculpture of a man's chest has been cast via the lost wax process from a clay original (pictured left) into a bronze bas-relief sculpture. It is 4 times the size of the original idea that has been cast as Chest Piece. Shield would make a wonderful sentinel for your garden gate and will withstand outdoor conditions beautifully. This 30" high bronze sculpture is a limited edition of 54.

Shield \'sheeld\ noun (akin to shell) 1: a broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm 2: one that protects or defends 3: ESCUTCHEON; especially : one that is wide at the top and rounds to a point at the bottom 4: a protective structure (as a carapace, scale, or plate) of some animals

[bronze wall sculpture of a man's chest]

(Above: The bronze "Shield" on exhibit at The Home Retreat in Austin, Texas.)

[male chest shield bronze sculpture]

"Shield" on exhibit at the Sculptor's Dominion Invitational, San Antonio, Texas 2004

[shield bronze male figure sculpture]

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