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Bird Sculpture by Borsheim


Italian Alabaster + Chlorite

15" h x 8" x 5"
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection
Massachusetts, USA

[dove stone sculpture]

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Stone Sculpture of Bird In Flight:

[dove stone sculpture] [dove stone sculpture] [dove stone sculpture]

Detail View of the Bird's Wing:

[seagull stone sculpture]

Above: This stone was a joy to work with because of its pure beauty. I have had this piece of Italian alabaster since at least the year 2000. It is actually a stone piece that I cut off while carving the Swan many years ago. This bird figurine debuted at Steven Todd's Spa at the Ranch in January 2005 and was an instant hit. One visitor asked me whether the bird is a dove or a seagull. To be honest, I had not thought about what kind of bird it was. I carved based on the shape of the stone, which so beautifully implied a bird with outstretched wings in a vertical composition. I love how the sunlight reveals the natural beauty of the stone.

Also, Italian alabaster is the perfect example of what I mean when I say that when carving stone, the sculptor's task is to show off the qualities in the stone, not the cleverness of the sculptor. The transparency of Italian alabaster (and in this case, the shape and size of this individual stone) lends itself to carving thin. But I also made the body a lot thicker than it would be in reality to help contrast how the light (or lack of it) plays with this stone.

Does this sculpture depict a dove or a seagull? Ask your imagination. I hope you enjoy this carving of a bird in flight as much as I enjoyed making it.

[dove stone sculpture] [dove stone sculpture]

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