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Nude Figurative Couple Sculpture by Borsheim


mixed media
14" h x 9" x 9"
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim


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[man woman couple art sculpture]

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Figurative Couple Sculpture of a Man and Woman:

[man woman couple art sculpture] [man woman couple art sculpture] [man woman couple art sculpture]

[man woman couple art sculpture]

Compatibility Couple Art Sculpture:

In June, I hired a married couple that I know that are both artist's models. I like the triangles in this composition, as well as the subtle details of how the man's abdomen bunches up slightly as the woman's knee pushes against his body. I also love her little toes sticking out from under her left knee. I am trying to work a bit looser, with fewer details, while still keeping the basic idea. I hope you enjoy this one-of-a-kind sculpture.

[man woman couple art sculpture]

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