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Stone Sculpture by Kelly Borsheim

"Lip Service"*

[formerly "Lips with Tie"]

Pecos sandstone + Texas limestone

14" h x 17" x 4"
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim

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* Thank you to New-Zealand-based sculptor Craig McLanachan for the new title.

[lips with tie stone sculpture Lip Service Texas sandstone limestone art]

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Stone Sculpture of Red Lips with a Tie, "Lip Service":

[lip service with tie stone sculpture Texas sandstone limestone art] [lips with tie stone sculpture Lip service Texas sandstone limestone art]

I have had many requests to make more lips -- the original I did many years ago still gets noticed even though it sold immediately. This composition is more symmetrical due to the lines in the stone. I included a top view of the sculpture because you can see the concentric rings around each "point" on the upper lip. Nice detail.

The red stone of the lips is from a Texas quarry. Several people I spoke with differed on whether or not it is sandstone or limestone, but here in Texas it is marketed and sold as Pecos sandstone. The base with the tie is a Texas limestone. The stones have been joined with a stainless steel pin, so rust is not a problem. This artwork may be displayed indoors or outdoors. Or, if you just like the lips, the pin may be secured to any other base or just a rock.. or removed to set flat on a table. I hope you enjoy.

[Lip Service rings around curvaceous stone lips sculpture art]

[Lip service lips with tie stone sculpture Texas sandstone limestone art]

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