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Stone Sculpture by Kelly Borsheim


Colorado Yule Marble

24" h x 11" x 17"
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim

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[Borsheim Arts Studio Marble Sculpture] [stargazer stone sculpture marble art carving]

This photo of a marble woman looking up at the sky
was taken during the full moon, October 2005.
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[Borsheim Arts Studio Marble Sculpture]
Stargazer on exhibit at "The Palms of Sanford" in central Florida.

[Stargazer Marble Sculpture with Cat]
Stargazer and the cat are looking up.

[Stargazer Marble Sculpture]
Stargazer, view of her back

Stone Sculpture - Marble Woman "Stargazer":

[woman marble sculpture star watch art] [female marble sculpture] [woman marble sculpture star watch art]

[woman marble sculpture star watch art] [marble fine art sculpture of woman watching stars] [woman marble sculpture star watch art]

[woman marble sculpture star watch art] [nude woman marble carving star] [stone woman fine art sculpture star watch]

[woman face marble sculpture art]
These two images and the one at the top of this page were taken during the full moon in October 2005. I had not quite finished the polish on the marble torso, but I loved the light. Marble means "shimmering stone." I wish you could see the subtle transparency, expecially in the thinner parts such as the nose and toes. "Stargazer" is sealed for protection from dirt and oil (from touch), so please enjoy her without worry. She is marble and may be exhibited outdoors, with occasional cleaning and resealing.
[woman marble sculpture star watch art]

Original Art Sculpture - Marble "Stargazer"

[block of marble art sculpture]
The most frequent question I hear is "How long did it take you to do that?" I rarely know. I had created a small figure of this composition of a woman looking up to the sky in early 2003, intending to create a couple sculpture. Next thing I knew summer was upon me and I had no idea for what I wanted to carve at the MARBLE/marble Symposium in Colorado. So, I thought, why not carve my little figure? I received my marble block at the symposium on 15 July 2003. "Stargazer" is the most complicated figure I had attempted to carve up to that point. The most difficult thing to do in stone is to have two things touch, without overlap or excess space between them. The image you see to the left is day one of my work. I worked on this marble off and on until I finished it on 3 November 2005. There is even film footage of me carving this work in my home studio in Texas in a short film about Bastrop that aired on PBS.

[draw on marble] [top view marble art sculpture]

Think. Draw. Carve. Draw. Think. Remove material. Look. Think. Draw. Sculpt. This marble is from the Colorado Yule Quarry. This particular piece of marble has gold veins running through it. Many a late night I have seen her out of my bedroom window in the moonlight. She's the brightest. Marble and moonlight. How sweet is that? This woman is constantly watching the sky. She is enchanted by the mystery of it all. She watches for a shooting star and makes her wish. I hope "Stargazer" will enchant you as much.

[chisel marble hip] [top view marble art sculpture] [draw on marble] [marble foot art sculpture]

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