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Nude Figurative Couple Sculpture by Borsheim

"The Original Love Story"

artist's proof (one-of-a-kind)
11" h x 13" x 9"
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim

$1200 for artist's proof

Also, will be making
limited edition
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[Original Love Story Adam Eve Serpent Forbidden Fruit Paradise Garden of Eden art sculpture]

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Figurative Couple Sculpture of Adam & Eve:

[Adam Eve serpent couple art sculpture] [Genesis Bible couple art sculpture] [Forbidden Fruit, couple art sculpture]

[nude man woman couple art sculpture]

[Adam Eve couple art sculpture]

[paradise couple art sculpture]

The Original Love Story
Adam and Eve Art Sculpture:

I have always been fascinated with the Bible's story of Adam and Eve. There is so much humanity in it and like my favorite fairy tales, so much of our duality is cleverly depicted here. I enjoy stories that leave me with more questions than answers. One of my favorite mysteries in Genesis is this: God knows everything. He is all powerful. He is the creator of all things. God made Adam, and then Eve, with all of the same human traits that each of us today possesses. God also created the Garden of Eden. And plops down in it, with Man, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (or as my Children's Bible says "Tree of Conscience"). Then God says, "Don't eat the fruit from the latter tree."

Ok, so what is that all about? God made Adam. He gave him the gift of curiosity and free will. Then he places in front of him the ultimate temptation. God already knows what will happen - what MUST inevitably happen. God set up Adam and Eve to fail. And when it does happen, God punishes them both, along with their offspring, banishing them from Paradise, in essence, away from Him. So now, we find the origin of the dysfunctional family.

The redeeming part of this story is the love story. Together Adam and Eve sinned. Together they were banished. Together they built a life outside of Eden and created a family with all of its joys and sorrows. Together, through this story, they found a type of immortality.

My sculpture The Original Love Story depicts this couple in a slightly unusual pose depicting reciprocal affection, while the snake and the apple hint at their future. Many historical or classical artworks tried to tell a story by having different parts of the art refer to various time-lines in the story. For one who is familiar with the story, this makes complete sense. For those who do not, perhaps elements that appear confusing or repetitive (as in the case of paintings that show, for example, the same couple involved in different activities at different times) allow one to open the door for questions and teaching opportunities.

The images you see on this page are of the original work I sculpted. A mold has been made of "The Original Love Story" and a small limited edition bronze is available. Please inquire if interested. This original work in terra-cotta, which I am calling an artist's proof, is also available. Thank you for your interest and support.

[man woman couple art sculpture]

[nude couple art sculpture]

[forbidden fruit couple art sculpture]

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