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Contemporary Couple Sculpture by Kelly Borsheim

"Waiting & Wondering"


8.5" h x 15.5" w x 9" d
© 2005-2006
Kelly Borsheim

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[women in art ceramic sculpture]

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In November 2005, I hired two female models to pose together. I am interested in figures interacting with one another and perhaps creating story ideas. This terra-cotta is one of two sculptures that resulted in these sessions. Waiting & Wondering depicts two women of different ages and build relaxing - one is sitting casually as her legs extend into a triangular shape, while the other one is propped up against the other's back with a quizzical, daydreaming look upon her face. So, one is waiting patiently for something, the other is lost in her own world.

Waiting & Wondering Original Ceramic Sculpture of Two Women:

[women in art ceramic sculpture art] [women in art ceramic sculpture art]

[women in art ceramic sculpture art] [women in art ceramic sculpture art]

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