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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"The Lookout"

wall-hanging bronze sculpture

one of a kind
30" h x 15" w x 5" d
© 2007
Kelly Borsheim

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[garden art draped woman bronze sculpture]

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[romantic bronze sculpture of a woman]

(Above: detail shown of artwork: woman
with fabric swirl)

The Lookout -- bronze wall-hung sculpture

I really enjoy the flow of fabric around this bronze woman. Those who have had conversations with me about nude figurative art vs. draped art have heard me say that I prefer the drapery to be used for compositional purposes, rather than for modesty. However, perhaps you will think that this wall-hanging sculpture has accomplished both goals. The green patina was fun and seemed to work with the idea of an aged work of art. She weighs just under 45 pounds, so the hanging nail should be in a wall stud or other sturdy support. Please contact Borsheim Arts Studio if interested in this artwork. Thank you.
[romantic bronze sculpture of a woman]

(Above: This image was taken while the bronze woman was hung outside on a cloudy morning. The light changes everything!)

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