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Romantic Couple Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"Infinite Love"

bronze (wall hanging)
open edition
7.25" x 13.5"
© 2008
Kelly Borsheim

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[infinity bronze sculpture of lovers couple art]

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Infinite Love Contemporary Bronze Figurative Sculpture:

October 2008: I met Austinite Jim Walker via the Internet while I was in Italy last year. He contacted me and explained that he was anticipating his eighth wedding anniversary, the year to give the gift of bronze and was looking to commission a piece from just the right artist. After sending a few e-mails back and forth, Jim sent me the link for another artist's site that we both admire, but whose work is very different from mine. Not wanting any miscommunications about what I would create for him, I asked him if I was the right artist for this project. Jim responded,

"I've spent a good deal of time trying to find a bronze artist I like, even talked to the folks at Umlauf [Sculpture Museum & Garden], a couple of blacksmith friends, etc. and browsed your online gallery quite a bit. I am drawn to your work completely independently! Our dialogue has only reinforced my comfort with you."

And thus, our collaboration began.

The mathematical symbol for infinity looks a lot like the number 8 sideways and this gave a double meaning to the artwork as an eighth anniversary gift. Jim sent me a couple of images of his family together. And I spent my remaining time in Italy this spring thinking about a composition that combined several elements that I wanted to convey for this couple sculpture.

When I returned to Texas, I got to work using plastilina to sculpt the original composition. I was pleased that Jim liked the first idea that I presented to him, because by the time I got it into a physical form, it was what I wanted to sculpt -- and only that.

After his approval, the mold was made and then I poured several wax copies of my future bronze. I had told Jim that I would be making an edition of this sculpture, but that I wanted to personalize his and his wife's bronze. So Jim and I met for the first time in Austin, Texas, so that I could sketch the ivy designs on his wedding ring. I incorporated this pattern into the Walker bronze. I also added Jim's goatee.

Jim and his wife celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in mid-October, and his wife loved the "every element of the bronze." So I am now free to announce this new artwork. "Infinite Love" was also one of my works chosen for the sculpture exhibit at The Crossings in Austin. So, you can see it too.

[8 year anniversary gift of bronze sculpture]

[8 year anniversary gift of bronze sculpture]

[8 year anniversary gift of bronze sculpture]

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