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Stone Sculpture by Kelly Borsheim

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[stone art]

Marble Bird*:
[marble art]

[marble art]

Stairway to Heaven*:
[marble art]

[marble art]

Back to Back:
[marble art]

The Offering*:
[figure art]

[marine art]

Pelican Lips:
[stone marble art]

Fish Lips:
[marble art]

Mobius Mouth:
[stone sculpture]

Zebra Lips:
[stone sculpture]

Lips of Life:
[stone sculpture]

Kiss Me Blue*:
[marble art]

Yin Yang:
[stone art]

[stone art]

Lip Service:
[stone art]

Marble Torso*:

Torso 8*:
[Stone sculpture]

Get Out!*:
[stone art]


[stone art]

[stone sculpture]

Green Venus*:


[fine art stone]

[stone carving]

Sea Turtles I:

That's Amoré!*:
[Stone sculpture]

[stone sculpture]

[stone swan]

Dolphin Play*:

[Stone Art]

[Stone Sculpture]


My Little Woman*:
[stone sculpture]

Flying Sea Turtles*:

"Pinocchio sul Colombo" ("Pinocchio rides the Dove")*:
[Stone carving art Pinocchio Flies on the Dove]

Click here to see the Pinocchio Park in Collodi, Tuscany, Italy, with my stone carving installed permanently there!

Click here to watch the stone carving process for Pinocchio flying on the dove.

"La Sirena" ("The Mermaid")*:
[Stone carving art festival Bulgaria]

Click here to see the Arts Festival in Russalk, Bulgaria 2014 July
and the 7-day carving of this stone mermaid.
What an adventure!

Cascata (Cascade)*:
[stone carving Cascade Castelvecchio, Italy symposium]
"Cascata" stone sculpture (Pietra serena, an Italian stone)
10-day symposium piece in Castelvecchio, Italy,
July/August 2013 by Kelly Borsheim

Stairway to Heaven [originally Ascension Invitation] *SOLD:
[ascension angel stone carving stone sculpture figure art]
Photo by Jayne Seiler-Plank (my mother) 28 September 2011 in my Texas studio

by Kelly Borsheim

There's just something about stone. It has beauty, solidity, and strength. It communicates timelessness, probably because of the lengthy time-span of its own creation. Even before I knew I wanted to be an artist, I was in awe of stone sculpture. When I finally started sculpting in stone in 1997, I wasn't sure I would like it. Compared to clay, creating a shape in stone seemed to take forever. I do not consider myself a patient person. I was also a little nervous about it since I did not know if I could see things in just the subtractive sense. Stone carving removes the medium; one wrong blow and my sculpture might be a total loss.

However, when I began to polish my first stone sculpture, My Little Woman, I remembered why I fell in love with stone. Rubbing my hands on the soft alabaster after each successive sanding with finer and finer papers was incredibly therapeutic. [Although I still love the polishing of stone, after creating some larger works, I decided I didn't need that much therapy!]

Michelangelo claimed that he was simply the servant or tool that removed the part of the stone that was not the sculpture. Perhaps he really thought that. I do not think so. Stone sculpture is a collaboration between stone and sculptor. I live with the rocks for a long time before I see the shapes emerge. I study the patterns in the rock and the shape of the stone. Yet I do not doubt that another person would see something different in the same stone. What I think about, what I believe, how I feel, and who I am help to shape what I am likely to see in the stone. Stone has its own personality. So do I. Working with the stone to shape it, for me, is a humbling, yet totally thrilling experience.

Many of the pages of the individual sculptures will include some text and images of the work as it was being created. Thank you for visiting.

Stargazer (Marble):
[stargazer stone sculpture marble art carving]

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