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Shipping Borsheim Artworks


Please note that before ANY shipping quote can be given, I need to know the shipping address (including postal zip code). I also need to know if you need the artwork in your hands by a certain date. Any other requirements should be communicated at the time or ordering as well. Shipping quotes are determined on a per artwork basis. Sculptures need to be individually crated, but paintings may be crated together for more economical shipping.

All artworks are packed with care (larger works are usually crated in wood), insured, and shipped by carriers such as FedEx and UPS. If the work is oversized and unable to be shipped via these companies, it can be shipped via a carrier specializing in transporting artwork.

[Crated Sculpture Ready to Ship to Art Buyer]
[Crated Sculpture Ready to Ship to Art Buyer]
Fish Lips packaged securely and awaiting a buyer . . .

Pictured left is the green marble carving Fish Lips, crated for shipping. The very thick and stiff foam prevents the stone from moving in the event that the crate is dropped. [People sometimes think that packaging bubbles are good to use. They are not. A heavy object will just push those out of the way as the box impacts the ground, and the sculpture may as well have had nothing around it. If you must use shipping bubbles / foam pieces in your own shipments, please put them inside of bags or contain them in some other way. If they move, they are not doing their job.]

Another sculpture I created, Sea Turtles I, has two components. In this case, the bronze and stone portions of the sculpture were shipped separated (with clear instructions for reassembling) with a heavy foam that expands around the shape of the sculpture for firm support. The crate is nailed, except for the top. The top has many screws that can be easily removed to open the crate.

Shipping must be prepaid.

Upon arrival, please inspect the artwork carefully. If there is any damage, notify Borsheim Arts Studio immediately so that we may report it to the carrier within 48 hours of delivery.

Return Policy

While I take great care in describing and photographing the artwork (from many views for 3D work), I am aware that viewing art online has its limitations. I hope the actual artwork exceeds your expectations. However, if it does not (for any reason), you may return your order within 30 days. If the work is received back at my studio in its original condition within that time, I will exchange it or refund the full price of the artwork. Packing, insurance, and shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact Borsheim Arts Studio before returning any items. Thank you.


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