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[book street painting florence italy]
Above: Cover for book:
"My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy"

by Kelly Borsheim

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Hi and thank you for visiting! While I have some notecards of selected paintings in stock in Texas and even Giclée Fine Art Reproductions, I began using another service to put my art images onto lots of things.

You may write to me for notecards in stock, or just order directly from my new store partnership with Fine Art America. They also put my art on all sorts of things, such as coffee mugs and phone cases, to towels, shower curtains, pillows, and prints on metal, framed or unframed prints. You choose the image and often even the crop or zoom. Ask me if you do not see your favorite Borsheim artwork and I will upload the image.
Thank you!
~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, and writer

Kelly's portfolio at FAA: Shop NOW!

[shower curtain art product with Effervescense charcoal drawing of fountain]

Fine Art America ships worldwise. Their Refund Policy [as of 4 September 2017, please see their site ~ click on link above] for their current policies and processes. They are great to work with and quick, as well. I myself have ordered things while I am in Italy, and I have been surprised how quickly things arrive.

If you prefer original art, may I invite you to have a look at my available offerings and even past works in case you would like to commission something? Thank you.

Kelly's portfolio at FAA: Shop Now!

[art for sale]

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[tote bag of art Tuscan Vista pastel drawing]

[Tote Bag with Pinocchio, Italy]

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[Borsheim Arts Studio iPhone Case with art]

[Borsheim Arts Studio Print on wood Tuscan Table painting]

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