Bas-Relief Sculpture Art Workshop in Tuscany, Italy

2018 Dates: June 8-15 [Seven Days: $650]*

Did you ever see a painting that made you want to reach out to touch it? Why not learn how to make an image into something dimensional and touch-able that may still hang on a wall? You can, and do it in a picturesque stone village in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, about an hour and a half northwest of Florence.

Sculpting, especially bas-relief, not only appeals to at least two of our senses (seeing and touching), it also aids one's drawing and painting skills. This workshop is geared towards beginners, as well as experienced artists. Some drawing skills are helpful, but this project will be fun and start you on the way to learning even more. I hope to see you in Tuscany!
~ Kelly Borsheim, instructor

*Reserve YOUR space now:

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[Castelvecchio Pistoia Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop]

Art Topics & Itinerary: June 8-15, 2018

  • Friday, June 8, 2018, 10:30 a.m.: Meet Kelly in Firenze; visit locations around the Renaissance City of great examples of bas-relief sculpture; travel to Castelvecchio
  • Days 2-7: minimum SIX hours of active teaching/demo/studio time (in Castelvecchio)
  • Day 8, Friday June 15th: Wrap up, prepare works for travel, check-out, return you to Pescia train station

Topics Include: An introduction to relief sculpture; materials and tools; composition, perspective, and compressing form; demonstrations and individual attention every day.
Minimum six hours of class each day. We will also make time to explore a couple of the village(s) of Valleriana, as desired. Maximum 8 participants.

[Anna Lea Merritt Love Locked Out 1889 Cupid]
"Love Locked Out" (1889) by Anna Lea Merritt (1844-1930)

During this workshop, we will make a small copy [10-12 inches height] in clay of the above painting. This will give you a taste of creating a figure, as well as some architecture, in a relief sculpture.

Per the Tate in the UK: "Cupid, the god of love, is shown here trying to force open the door of a mausoleum. Merrit made the picture in memory of her husband, who died within three months of their marriage." This oil painting on canvas is "Support: 1156 x 641 mm
frame: 1450 x 930 x 110 mm
and at the time of this writing is listed as "Not on Display."

If, for whatever reason, you prefer to create a relief from another image, please e-mail me or contact me to let me know if the image of your choice will work and we will go from there. Thank you."

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[Three stone villages Stiappa Castelvecchio and Pontito location for Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop in Tuscany]
Three Villages in Valleriana, Tuscany, Italy: l-r: Stiappa, Castelvecchio, and Pontito [behind group of houses in foreground]
Location of the Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop in Tuscany, June 2018
taught by Kelly Borsheim

[Infinite Love Bas-Relief by Kelly Borsheim Sculpture Workshop]
Infinite Love
bronze bas-relief (wall-hanging), 7.25" x 13.5"
© 2008 Kelly Borsheim

Some of the Inspiring Art we will be Seeing in Florence, Italy [Firenze, Italia]:

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Florence Italy] [Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Florence Italy] [Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Florence Italy]
Above: Details of The Gates of Paradise, one of our stops during our study in Florence, Italy

The Project:

We will be working from an image of either a painting or a relief sculpture that is in the public domain [meaning that we are not breaking any laws to make a copy of someone else's art]. Or you may bring a photo or image of your own to create in relief, but please contact instructor Kelly Borsheim so that your image can be approved or tips given to take a useful image.

The goal is to have you walk out of the workshop with a fairly finished [if not done] relief sculpture, and one that is small enough to pack on a plane or not be difficult to ship home.

    What is provided in the tuition price:
  • The clay, studio materials [boards, lights, easels, tables, etc.]
  • some sculpting/carving and modeling tools (for use during the workshop)
  • breakfast
  • lunch each day, except check-out day, the 15th.
  • Some travel [see below in what is not included]

Although tools will be in the studio, if you have sculpture tools, especially dental tools or similar that you enjoy working with, you may want to bring them along. It is recommended that you either put your name of your tools or color them in something easily identified as uniquely yours.

    What is not provided:
  • Dinner: We have three restaurants in the Castelvecchio/Sorana area. Each accepts credit cards, as well as cash [in euro]. Also, most lodging places here have kitchens.
  • Travel: Travel to Florence before the workshop, as well as travel from Pescia after the workshop is not part of the package.
  • Lodging: One of the goals of this workshop is to aid the local economy. As such, available local places to call your temporary home in Castelvecchio will be listed here by January. You may choose what suits you and either contact the home / flat owner directly or contact me and I can reserve the space for you. This allows the most flexibility whether you prefer to have your own space, or bring guests. Average is around 50 euro per night for the house/apartment. See below for some images and information on places to stay. [coming in early January]. It is better to reserve early for this time of year!

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    Special NOTES:

    Bring GOOD WALKING SHOES. Not only for our little tour of Florence, Italy, but for walking around the villages of Valleriana, and possibly working on our feet in the studio. Perhaps a light jacket or scarf could keep you comfortable in the evenings. June and July are typically months in which you may enjoy the luciole (fireflies), though, so it is not cold during those months.

    Need GROCERIES or CASH? The villages up in the hills [collectively called Valleriana] no longer have ATMs, banks, or post offices as the economy has deteriorated. On January 1, 2017, our last grocery store succumbed. If you would like to have food in your chosen lodging place or need cash, let us try to get most or all of that done on 8 June, after we arrive in Pescia. It will be so much easier and less of a time waste to do this before we begin the rest of the workshop. However, do not freak about this: Pescia is only about a 20-minutes-drive away.

    Non-Participating Guests: Since each workshop participant chooses his or her own lodging, please feel free to bring any guests you like to stay with you. Guests may share our light breakfast with us [please let me have your head count before the workshop starts]. Lunches will cost around 12 euro. And, like the rest of us, guests will pay for their own dinners. While we are in Florence, guests are invited to join along on the tour, paying any museum entry fees or other expenses for themselves, and of course, the train ride from Firenze to Pescia.

    Based on your after-hours desires or those of anyone traveling with you, you may prefer to rent a car. If so, mention this at the time of registration or before the workshop and information will be sent to you to help you find what suits you best.

    Pets being present are your choice. Italy is very tolerant of dogs in restaurants, for example. However, please be aware that loved ones of all kinds can be a distraction for you and/or the other participants in the workshop. Be caring, be considerate; each participant is paying to learn. The rest will depend on where you choose to sleep and what the rules of your host are.

    Smoking outside only, if you must.


    After our day-long field trip in Florence, Italy [Firenze, Italia], we will be working in Castelvecchio, Valleriana, the district of Pistoia (abbreviated as "PT).

    About Castelvecchio, (PT), Tuscany, Italy: http://www.borsheimarts.com/news/201610_ArtNews-CastelvecchioLaPieveVallerianaTuscany.htm

    Why I first came here [stone carving symposium]:

    Specific information will be given to each participant in the days before the workshop.

    Flights: Although you must organize and buy your own travel to Florence, Italy [Firenze, Italia] to be IN Florence on Friday morning around 10:30 a.m. on 8 June 2018, at the front of the famous Duomo, I recommend that you arrive to Firenze at least a day early, more if you can. Florence has so much to offer and you may enjoy spending time there before the workshop starts. Or you may return to Firenze AFTER the workshop on 15 June, for more art, museums, and to enjoy the Renaissance City once more.

    I use Skyscanner.com to find my flights. Perhaps you will find it useful, as well. You may also create e-mail alerts for certain destinations and dates to keep an eye on your options.

    Workshop Cancellation Policy:

      Payments as follows:
    • Deposit of $250 by 7 April 2018 reserves your place in the workshop. Deposit is non-refundable after 7 April 2018.
    • Balance due $400 by 1 June 2018.
    • Save $25 by paying for the entire workshop by 7 April 2018: $625 is your outstanding rate!

    Your cancellation before 7 April will earn you a 100% refund. After 7 April, the $250 deposit is non-refundable. After 1 June 2018, there are no refunds.

    Book your lodging soon! Summers are lovely here and it is the time when the tourists we have come to visit.

    Thank you!
    ~ Kelly

    P.S. It is recommended that you buy travel insurance if you are worried about a change of plans. I am not liable for any monies paid beyond workshop tuition.

    Pay the Deposit or the Balance or SAVE $25 Pay All NOW


More will be posted in this section at least by early January. But three places I know of are small apartments or homes. They rent from around 50 - 65 euro per place, per night.
  • One small apartment sleeps two [same matrimonial bed], comes with kitchen and bathroom, as well as a lovely terrace and deck chairs.
  • Another is a stand-alone small house. One bedroom with matrimonial-size bed, large living room with a foldout couch that will sleep another two, kitchen, bathroom, and terrace. An extra bed or two could be placed in the living room, if necessary.
  • Another is a small house, connected to the original other half of the house. It sleeps three [2 in the same large bed], and also has a kitchen, and bathroom.

I will be posting images with more concise descriptions of each place, but at the moment just wanted to give you and idea of what sorts of places we have available here and the price range.

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[Apartment to Rent during Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]

About the Sculptor Instructor Kelly Borsheim

December TSOS newsletter and what a pleasant surprise to see the article about your art journey! I am so happy to have been a part of it. I am teaching a bas-relief sculpture in my home in Tuscany, Italy from 8-15 June 2018.

"The two anatomy classes by Kelly Borsheim were extremely eye opening for me. Kelly prepared her lessons carefully, assuring we all understood the material completely — an outstanding teacher."
~ Mary Griffin, started to study sculpture at the age of 72, now 90

This is a quote from an article about Mary's sculptural adventure from The Texas Society of Sculptors December 2017 [winter] issue. I especially that it is never too late. I loved her comment that "my retirement has exceeded all my expectations."

Welcome! I have always been making art, but have been a full-time professional artist since January 2001. Back in Texas, I taught many subjects, including Sculptural Anatomy, Portrait sculpture, Sculpting Hands and Feet, Pastel Painting, Drawing, and more. In Italy, I have taught informally in Florence, as well as teaching students privately. I enjoy teaching, but prefer workshops since I give it my all and cannot work in my studio when my mind is thinking of ways to make sure that the light bulb is going on in the brain of each of my students. I really want you to OWN the concepts and techniques that I show you. That way you continue to work with them once you are back in your own creative environment.

I hope that you will join me and others in Castelvecchio, Tuscany. Let us make some art!

Thank you and happy days to you!
Kelly Borsheim

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[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]
This is me with my charcoal drawing of a plaster bust [a copy of a ceramic sculpture
by Donatello, housed in the Bargello Museum in Florence, Italy],
Portrait of Niccolò da Uzzano (After Donatello).

[Borsheim Arts Studio]

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Tuscany Italy]
something similar to
what we will create
in Castelvecchio
Bas-relief by Kelly Borsheim

[Ten Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop]
[original made in three days]
bronze bas-relief
by Kelly Borsheim

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]
Eloiese, a one-hour study of a fellow artist
using bas-relief ideas; plastilina,
by Kelly Borsheim

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]
GableStone - Kalli and Satchel, a commission
for the outside of a home in Houston, Texas, 2009,
patterned after the simple Dutch designs, limestone.
Carved by Kelly Borsheim

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Tuscany Italy]
Oh Boy! bronze mirror
(detail) by Kelly Borsheim

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Tuscany Italy]
Peace bronze tile
by Kelly Borsheim

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]
Here I am speaking with children about
sanding stone carvings.
Texas, Tips on Art program

[Bas-Relief Sculpture Workshop Castelvecchio [PT] Italy]
Painting a mural in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy

[woman marble sculpture star watch art]
Sculptor Kelly Borsheim, carved
Stargazer directly from
Colorado Yule Marble.
View stone sculpture here:

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